Including Descendants of Heinrich Kesselberg, born 1661
and Our Burks Family 



Generations One - Two

Heinrich Kesselberg was baptized on 1 Oct. 1661 in the Evangelical Reformed Church at Mulheim on the Ruhr in Baakendorf, County of Broich (Burgee), Germany.   His father was Heinrich Kesselberg and his mother was unknown Keinburch.  Heinrich Kesselberg arrived in Pennsylvania on board the ship Concord in 1683, at the age of twenty-two.  

He was naturalized on 7 Mar 1691 and again, for some technical reason, in 1708. His Anglicized  name  became Henry Castleberry.  He purchased 89 acres of land on 22 Jun 1709 from Edward Farmer in Farmerstown, PA, which is in the vicinity of the present Whitemarsh Post Office in Whitemarsh Township, Montgomery County; about eight miles northwest of Germantown, PA.  He married Catherine Levering sometime between 1695 and 1698. Henry died in March 1729 and Catherine died in 1767 or 1768, both in Germantown, PA. 

The children of Henry and Catherine Castleberry were:
  2i. Derrick Castleberry:  b. unknown - d 1765
  2ii. Paul Castleberry:  b. unknown - d Apr 1748 (His descendants founded Castleberry, AL,  in 1830)
  2iii. John Castleberry: unknown
  2iv. William Castleberry: (married Margaret Davis; probable direct ancestor of James Castleberry.
  2v. Eve Castleberry:  (married John Bassett 20 Feb. 1723 in Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA)
  2vi. Mary Castleberry:  (married Philip Schrack)
  2vii. Katherine Castleberry: (married Hugh Hamilton)
  2viii. Elizabeth Castleberry: (married unknown Davis)

Generation Three

2iv. William Castleberry, m. Margaret Davis and migrated south.  He was in Bucks Co., PA, in 1730 and 1750; in Augusta Co., VA, in 1755 and 1757; in Orange Co., N.C., in 1757 and 1764; and in Richmond Co., GA, in 1769. 
Son of William and Margaret was:

3i. William Castleberry:
b 1737, d. in Jackson County, GA, in July 1813;

Generation Four

   3i. William Castleberry: b 1737, d. in Jackson County, GA Jul 1813 was the oldest son of William and Margaret; fought against the Regulators at the  Battle of Alamauc in 1771.  He m. (1)Sarah Martin and, after her death, m. (2)Lucretia unknown.  His will was probated in Jackson County, GA,  in 1813  before William Nesbit (the half-brother of Elizabeth Carroll).  He is probably the  grandfather of James Castleberry. His first wife, Sarah Martin, was daughter of Ralph Martin of Londoun County, VA;  This William bought land in Richmond County, VA, in 1769 (north side of Germany Creek).  He had three children, according to the land grant.  His will in 1813 was witnessed by Odean, probably a son, and by Mark, probably a nephew raised by William after Mark's father, John, was killed by Tories.  This will was probated in Jackson County, GA, before Justice of the Peace William Nesbit, the half-brother of Elizabeth Carroll (wife of James Castleberry). 
The children of William and Sarah Martin were:

4i. William Martin:
b 1755, d 1837 in Hopkins County, KY. 
  4ii. Paul: b 1 Mar 1761 on the Tar River in N.C. (or VA), d 16 Jun 1841.
  4iii. John Castleberry: b ca 1762. Lived in Spartanburg County, S. C.  Left widow Mary who was in 1800 census with four daughters and in 1790 census with one son.
  4iv. Henry Castleberry: b. ?  d in 1806 in Clarke County, GA, (will probated in 1807). 
  4v.  Thomas Castleberry: b. ca 1770. 
  4vi. David Castleberry, Sr.: b 1771 in N. C.  He was in the 1805 land lottery of Jackson County, GA.  A Revolutionary War pension application was made out on him by Mrs. Mary Barnes, widow of Jones Hill, a Revolutionary War soldier from TN.  She was 51 years old on 3 March 1846 when she married David Castleberry, age 75. He died 12 June 1856 in Van Buren County, AR. He probably had a son, David.

Lucretia Castleberry b. 1775 - d. after 1850
Second Wife of twice- married William Castleberry
Lucretia Castleberry's maiden name is unknown.  She was born in 1775 and died after 1850 in McNairy County, TN.  She married William Castleberry ca 1800 and was his second wife.   He died in Jackson County, GA, in 1813 at the age of 76. Not long after his death Lucretia and her  children migrated to Lawrence County, AL, which is in the north central part of the state.  She is  listed there in the 1820 census with six children in her household, four males and two females. Four of these were: Odum b. ca 1800, d. ca 1838, Mark b.1803 d. ?, Lucretia b. 1811 d. ?, and Isaac b. 1814 d. ?.  Living nearby Lucretia and her family in 1820 is William Castleberry with a wife and three children, two males and one female. This William may be the brother of James Castleberry [1].  If so he would be Lucretia's step-grandson.  He undoubtedly had quite a lot to do with Lucretia's move to Lawrence County, AL, having arrived earlier or perhaps migrating from Georgia with her. 

The children of William and his second wife, Lucretia were:

  4vi. Odum Castleberry:  b ca 1800 and d 1838, he m. Jane Henry in Lawrence County, AL, on 12 Aug 1823. They later moved to McNairy County, TN, where at least  two sons and four daughters were born before 1840.  Odum died in McNairy County before 1840. He is in the 1830 McNairy County census.  Jane is listed in the 1840 census but not in the 1850 census.
 4vii. Mark Castleberry: Born ca 1803, he was probably living in Lawrence County, AL, in 1820 with his mother.  He is in the McNairy County, TN, census in 1830 and 1840 and in Tishomingo County, MS, in the 1850 census. He had four sons and four daughters born between 1825 and 1840.  Some of them  were: Thomas, Lucretia, Jane, Joseph, and Mark . William, age 20, in the 1850 Tishomingo County, MS, census may be an older son[1]. Mark's first wife died.  He married Rhoda Smith in Tishomingo County on 10 Mar 1850.  Her brother,  John S. Smith,  married Nancy B. Castleberry in Tishomingo County on 25 July 1849. Nancy was the daughter of James and Elizabeth Castleberry making Mark's father, William, her great grandfather!

 4viii. Lucretia Castleberry:
Born ca 1811.  Married Joseph Burks in Lawrence County, AL, on 22 Nov 1825.  They moved to McNairy County, TN, soon thereafter. He died before 1860.  She was still living there in 1870.
One of the children of Joseph and Lucretia Burks was:
  5xxxxiii. Joseph Marcus Burks,
b. ? probably in McNairy Co. TN.; he m. Mary Elizabeth Cornelius.

   One of the children that Joseph and Mary Elizabeth had was:

      6xviii. Joseph Marcus Burke
, b. 28 Feb 1868, Corinth, Alcorn Co., MS; m. Lucinda Hampton, abt. 1894, probably in Blue County, IT.

 4ix. Isaac Castleberry:  Born ca 1814. Was also undoubtedly in Lawrence County, AL in 1820 with his mother.  He migrated to McNairy County, TN, with  his mother's family ca 1828.  He is not listed separately in the 1830 McNairy County census, meaning that he is still in his mothers' household.  He is listed in the 1840 census and has his wife, Elizabeth House (?), two daughters,  and his mother, Lucretia, living with him.  The 1850 census: Isaac 36, his wife, Elizabeth 26, his mother, Lucretia  75, and his children, below.   In the 1860 census Lucretia' name  does not show up.  In the 1870 census Isaac occupation is given as physician.
Children of Isaac and Elizabeth are:
  5xxxi. Tennessee A., 9
  5xxxii. William W., 8
  5xxxiii. Samuel M., 6
  5xxxiv. Sarah M. 3
  5xxxv. Caroline House, 15
  5xxxvi. Jefferson, 9 months.
Additional children in 1870  are: 
  5xxxvii. Leona Alice, 16
  5xxxviii. Mary B., 14
  5xxxix. George C., 8.   

   Other Castleberry relatives residing with Isaac in 1870 were:
5xxxx. John H. Castleberry 12
   5xxxxi. John D. Castleberry 15
   5xxxxii. James J. Castleberry 12.

Generation Five

4i. William Martin: b 1755, d 1837 in Hopkins County, KY m. (1)Elizabeth Smith, m.(2)Keziah Nations.  William Martin was a Revolutionary War soldier and pensioner.  He lived in Spartanburg County, S.C., in 1790. 
William's children were: 

  5i. Fleming Smith 
  5ii. William Martin Jr., 
  5iii. Anna 
  5iv. James S.  
  5v. Elizabeth  
  5vi. Nathaniel  
  5vii. Dorcas  
  5viii. David 

4ii. Paul Castleberry: b 1 Mar 1761 on the Tar River in N.C. (or VA), d 16 Jun 1841. m. (1)Mary, m. (2)Nancy Gillespie.  He lived in Orange County, N.C., Newberry District, S.C., and later in Richmond County, GA, where he enlisted in the Revolutionary War.  He moved to Spartanburg County, SC before 1790 where he died 16 Jun 1841.  He married Nancy Gillespie on 15 Feb 1824 in Spartanburg Dist. S.C. She  died 20 Nov 1865. 
Paul's children were: 

  5ix. Jane, 
  5x. Thomas,
  5xi. Henry, 
  5xii. Jemina,
  5xiii. Paul, Jr.  
  5xiv. Richard, who moved to Mississippi in 1844.
  5xv. Lavinia,  
  5xvi. Charlotte, 
  5xvii. John,
  5xviii. William, 
  5xix. Agnes,
  5xx. Sarah, 
  5xxi. Martin,
  5xxii. Tabitha,
  5xxiii. James Anderson, 
  5xxiv. Elizabeth,
  5xxv. Julian, 
  5xxvi. Malinda,
  5xxvii. Nancy Ann,
  5xxviii. Rosenna or Rosa,

4iv. Henry Castleberry: b. ?  d in 1806 in Clarke County, GA, (will probated in 1807). He was in Jackson County, GA,  in 1801 according to a Clarke County, GA,  deed.  His will named wife Sarah and daughter  Rachel.
  5xxix. Rachel

4v. Thomas Castleberry: b. ca 1770.  Was in the Jackson County, GA, land lottery in 1805; in Clarke County, GA,  in 1807 and 1808; in Gwinnett County, GA, in the 1820 census; and in DeKalb County, GA, in 1826. He is thought to be the father of James Castleberry. 
  5xxx. James Castleberry, born in Jackson County, GA,  on 23 Dec 1793

Generation Six

 5xxx. James Castleberry, born in Jackson County, GA,  on 23 December 1793; m. Elizabeth Carroll, ca 1816.  She arrived in  Jackson County from York District, S. C., abt. 1812. Her father was James Carroll and her mother was Sarah Miller.  James Castleberry grew up in Jackson  County, GA. He is in the 1820 census in Gwinnett County, which was formed in 1818 from Jackson County.  The 1830 and 1840 Georgia census lists James Castleberry in DeKalb County, adjacent to Gwinnett County.  According to a Gwinnett County notice in an Athens, GA newspaper in Jan 1837,  a letter for James Castleberry in the Lawrenceville Post Office had not been picked up. James and Elizabeth Castleberry had at least thirteen children born to them during their first twenty years of married life  in Georgia.  In 1840 James and  Elizabeth Castleberry moved to Tishomingo County, MS.  The family members and their approximate ages in 1840  were as follows:
James Castleberry Family Members and their age in 1840
  6i. James, 47
  6ii. Elizabeth, 39
  6iii. Sarah, 22
  6iii.. James, Jr. 21
  6iv. John Thomas,17
  6v. Cenith, 10
  6vi. Nancy B.,10
  6vii. Thomas C.,9
  6viii. Elizabeth,8
  6ix. Rufus, 7
  6x. William Dan,6
  6xi. Winchester,4
  6xii. Nina,4
  6xiii. Permilia, 3
  6xiv.. Riley, 2

In Mississippi, James settled about five miles  from  the bustling little town of Eastport on the Tennessee River in the extreme northeast part of the state.  He and his son-in-law, Jackson Akers,  were listed on the Tishomingo County records as  new residents in 1840. On November 13, 1840, he bought 480 acres of land from Wade Blasingame for $800.00.  
He continued to buy and sell land in the vicinity of Eastport for the next eleven years.  Three more children were born to James and Elizabeth after their arrival in Mississippi.  They were:
  6xv. Charles C., b.1841
  6xvi. John W., b. 1846
  6xvii. Georgia A, b. 1846
On 1 Sep 1851, James deeded what apparently was all of his property to his wife.  This amounted to 800 acres of land valued at $4000.00. James Castleberry died on 13 Jul 1859.  He is buried in Mt. Evergreen Cemetery (also called Mt. Pleasant and Toenail) on County Road No. 956 between Iuka and Eastport,  MS.  Elizabeth died in Jul 1879 and she is buried beside her husband.


Some Related Castleberry Families in Alabama and Tennessee      

 In 1820 Lucretia Castleberry and her family were residents of Lawrence County, AL, according to the census.  She moved  from Gwinnett County, GA, where she had been married to William Castleberry, who died in 1813.  Sometime after 1813 she and her four children, Odum, Mark, Lucretia, and Isaac made the big move west to the newly created state of Alabama.  Living close to Lucretia in 1820 was a William Castleberry who was undoubtedly a relative,  perhaps a grandson, of her husband by his first marriage.  He had a wife and three children. NOTE: There is a William Castleberry, born in Alabama ca 1824, and living in Monroe County, MS, in 1850.  Could he be one of the three children of this William Castleberry?  Later, in 1830,  William is living in McNairy County, TN, near Lucretia and her family. No trace of William has been discovered after 1830.  If he is the grandson of Lucretia's husband he may be a brother of the James Castleberry that moved to Tishomingo County, MS, in 1840 with his family.  Tishomingo County is just south of McNairy County, TN.

The migration from north Georgia to Alabama by Castleberry members  was apparently not uncommon.  In the 1820 Conecuh County, AL, census there is a Job Castleberry listed. And there were others, as well.

In the 1820 Tennessee census there are a Joseph Caselberry family and a John Caselberry family listed in Robertson County (on the Kentucky line almost due north of Nashville).

In the 1830 Tennessee census Lucretia and William, mentioned above, are listed in McNairy County.  Also listed is Odum and his family, Odum being Lucretia's oldest son; Mark and his family, Mark being another son;  and Joseph Burks who married Lucretia's daughter, Lucretia, in Lawrence County,  AL, in 1825.   In nearby Maury County there is a John Castleberry family listed.

In the 1840 Tennessee census Lucretia has moved into the household of her youngest son, Isaac, and his wife Elizabeth. Odum has died and his wife Jane is the head of that household.  Mark and his family and Joseph and Lucretia Burks are also listed.  They are all residing in McNairy County.  In Tishomingo County, MS, just a few miles south, James Castleberry and his family are new homesteaders.  James Castleberry is Lucretia's step-grandson, i.e., Lucretia's deceased husband, William Castleberry, is James' grandfather. This family connection must have contributed to James Castleberry's decision to move to Tishomingo County. Making the move with him was his wife and thirteen children, plus a son-in-law.  About 65 miles due west of McNairy County in Giles County, TN, two Castleberry families are listed in the 1840 census.  They are J. Castleberry and Susan Castleberry.  

In the 1850 Tennessee census the Joseph Burks and Isaac Castleberry families are listed in McNairy County.  Lucretia is 75 and still living with Isaac. Mark has moved to Tishomingo County, MS.   His wife, Jane, died and he married Rhoda Smith there on 10 Mar 1850. A new family in McNairy County  is  that of  William Castleberry, age 26 and born in Alabama.  In Giles County are Susan Castleberry, age 53 and born in Alabama,  W. Castleberry, age 26 and born in Tennessee.   In St. Clair County is Franklin Castleberry, age 31,  and born in Tennessee.  

At some point after the 1850 census and before the birth of Joseph Marcus Burks on February 28, 1868, the Burks family moved to Corinth, Alcorn Co., MS.  This is not a great distance; Alcorn Co. is just directly south of McNairy Co, TN. But then, at some other point, before "abt. 1894" Joseph left the close knit family group that had been settled in this part of the country for a long time, and he journeyed to Indian Territory... however, at this time they were preparing to open it up for homestead.  The opening of the Oklahoma Territory to homestead has never been duplicated.  More than 50,000 people had gathered, and once they were there they had to set up tents or arrange for housing while they waited for the opening. They had to have a horse, or buggy, or wagon, to get to good land.  They all lined up in a row, and at the firing of a gun to begin the "run" for homestead land, pandemonium raged!  This "run" was made on September 16, 1893, so it is very possible that this highly publicized event, and the resulting demand for labor and need for workers drew Joseph to the Oklahoma Territory. This event took place just a year before he married our Lucinda.  After the Civil War, life in the southern states was not what it had been before, and some places, some families, were never the same again.  While Joseph was not alive when all that happened, the lack of need for workers or entrepreneurs could have led him to leave the area in which his family had lived for many years.

The Burks Family meets the Folsom Family

Generation Seven - Eight


7i. Lucinda9,3 Hampton, (Charlotte8 Folsom, John7 IV, John6 III, Nathaniel5, Nathaniel4, Israel3, Samuel2, John1) b. 17 Sep 1874, OK, d. 28 Feb 1965. She was 90 years old. Lucinda married Joseph Marcus Burke, b.  probably in Blue Co., Indian Territory (OK). 
Lucinda and Joseph had the following children:

  8i. Minnie Myrtle10,4 Burke, b. 9 Jun 1895, Colgate, OK; d. 27 Sep 1949, Martinez, CA; m. Reginald Rhea Rogers 18 Aug 1912 in Sherman, Texas. 
  8ii. Willia "Billie" Ethel Burke, b. 17 Mar 1897 in Colgate, OK; d. 24 Nov, Daytona Beach, FL.  Willia (Billie) m. Jack Hudnut 1 Oct 1921, in OK.
  8iii. Marvin Folsom Burke, b. 17 Mar 1899 in Colgate, OK; d. 27 Jun 1966.  Marvin m. Geneva Sybil Cooper 25 Sep 1939 in Shawnee, OK. 
  8iv. Odra Mae Burke, b. 14 Feb 1901, Colgate, OK. ; d. 17 Jul 1986. Odra Married Wilfred H. "Chick" Clark in Shawnee, OK.
  8v. Burton Oran Burke, b. 13 Dec 1902 in OK; d. unknown, but buried in NJ. m. Opal. 
  8vi. Velma Ora Burke, b. 24 Jan 1902, OK; d. 23 Mar 2000, Walnut Creek, CA , m. James Selby Whitely, Sr., 14 Feb 1928 Hartsford, OK; 
  8vii. Jessie Burke, b. ca. 1906, died an infant.
  8viii. Franz Haskell Burke, b. 9 Jul 1908; d. 1927, McAlister, OK.
  8ix. Joseph Marcus Burke III, b. 2 Feb 1915 in McAlister, OK; d. 2 Dec 1991 Oklahoma City, OK, m. Wanda Ross in 1939.
  8x. Paula Burke, b. 26 Dec 1917; d: unknown; m. Harold Glenn Nelson on 30 Dec 1939 in Ada, OK.

  8i. Minnie Myrtle10,4 Burke, (Lucinda9,3 Hampton, Charlotte8, John7 IIII, John6 III, Nathaniel5, Nathaniel4, Israel3, Samuel2, John1), b. 9 Jun 1895, Colgate, OK; d. 27 Sep 1949, Martinez, CA; m. Reginald Rhea Rogers 18 Aug 1912 in Sherman, Texas. 
Minnie and Reg Rogers had the following children:
    9i. Marcus Newton11,5 Rogers (Minnie Myrtle10,4 Burke, Lucinda9,3 Hampton, Charlotte8, John7 IIII, John6 III, Nathaniel5, Nathaniel4, Israel3, Samuel2, John1), b. 30 Jun 1913 in Wade, OK; d. 31 Mar 1972 in Texas; married twice.  Married Dora Frances McClure; married Joe Francis Brittain, b. Jacksonville, TX 15 Jul 1923;d. Orange, TX, 17 May 2000. 

Marcus and Dora Frances McClure had the following children:

        10i. Marcia May12,6 Rogers (Marcus Newton11,5 Rogers, Minnie Myrtle10,4 Burke, Lucinda9,3 Hampton, Charlotte8 Folsom, John7 IIII, John6 III, Nathaniel5, Nathaniel4, Israel3, Samuel2, John1),b. 15 Aug 1938, Ada, OK. Married twice; m. William R. Stumpf; m. James D. Foley, b. 6 Dec 1942; m. on 29 Jun 1999 in Fairbanks, AK.
10ii. Sarah Kay Rogers, b. 2 Jul 1940 in Ada, OK. m. Tom Rice
         10iii. Everett Ray Rogers, b. 25 Nov 1942, Tucson, AZ; m. Maureen Zimmerley 

Marcus and Joe Francis Brittain had the following children:
10iv.  Reginald Marcus Rogers, b. 8 Sep 1946, in Jacksonville, TX, m. Sarah Jane Carrier (Upshaw) b. 1 Jun 1950; m. Terrie Sue Roberts (Kieschink), b. 6 Sep 1958; m. Jill Denise Plumlee, b. April 7, 1967.
47. v. Richard Lee Rogers,
b. Jacksonville, TX, June 3, 1949; d. Houston, TX, July 7, 1972.
48. vi. Charlotte Rhea Rogers
, b. October 13, 1956.


43. i. Marcia May12,6 Rogers (Marcus Newton11,5 Rogers, Minnie Myrtle10,4 Burke, Lucinda9,3 Hampton, Charlotte8 Folsom, John7 IIII, John6 III, Nathaniel5, Nathaniel4, Israel3, Samuel2, John1),b. 15 Aug 1938, Ada, OK. Married twice; m. William R. Stumpf; m. James D. Foley, b. 6 Dec 1942; m. on 29 Jun 1999.

Marcia and William had the following children:

       a. William Charles Stumpf b. 29 Mar 1957,  d. 16 May 1992  
b. Daniel Robert  Stumpf, b. 12 Feb 1960, born in Fontana, California, married to Robyn Dater b. 11 Jan 1966, Ogden, Utah- on 16 May 1991 in Lake Tahoe, California.  They have two children:
             i. Holli Basinger, b. 26 Dec 1983.
Cory Daniel  Stumpf b. 5 Oct 1992, Yreka CA 
c. David Samuel  Stumpf, b. 10 Dec 1963 in Fontana CA, m. Alana Alexander 25 Dec 1996, they have two children:
             i. Stevan Alexander, b. 16 Nov 1983
             ii. Callie Mae Stumpf, b. 2 Feb 1998  

44.  Sarah Kay Rogers Dora Frances' second child, born in Ada, Oklahoma, Sarah had five children. Sarah is married to Tom Rice, b. 12 Jan 1949 Daggett, Ca., to Jack Rice and Roberta Kathleen Dockery

Children of Sarah Kay:
      a. Carrie Lee York, b. 31 Aug 1960.
             i. living daughter
                  1. living daughter
             ii. living son
       b. Dennis Ray Cartwright, b. 3 Jul 1962
       c. Ronald William (Ron) Cartwright, b. 13 Feb 1964
       d. Tina Lynn Cartwright, b. 5 Oct 1965 
           i. living daughter

       e.  Scott William Brody, b. 9 Jun 1972.  

45. Everett Ray Rogers, b. 25 Nov 1942; m. Maureen Catherine Zimmerley, of Ojai.  

Children of Everett Ray and Maureen:

       a. Jenny Carol Rogers, b. November 27, 1971
              i. living daughter
Marc Edward Rogers, b. December 3, 1977
              i. living son  

46. Reginald Marcus Rogers, b. September 8, 1946, in Jacksonville, TX.

Reggie and Sarah Jane had the following children:

      a. Michael Larry Upshaw Rogers, adopted.
      b. Tina Marie Upshaw Rogers, adopted
      c. Reginald Richard Rogers, b. June 19, 1977, Corpus Christi, TX.

Reggie and Terrie Sue had the following children:

     d. Marcus Reed Rogers, b. June 16 1983, Corpus Christi, TX.
     e. Russell Allen Rogers, b. June 26, 1985, Corpus Christi, TX.

47. Richard Lee (Ricky) Rogers, b. Jacksonville, TX, June 3, 1949; d. Houston, TX, July 7, 1972.

Ricky had the following child:

     a. Michelle Rogers, soon to be a mother.

48. Charlotte Rhea Rogers, b. October 13, 1956.

Charlotte has had the following children:

     a. living daughter
     b. living son

42. ii. Sarah Lucille Rogers, b. July 24, 1915 in Lula, OK; d. May 25, 1975 in Cypress, CA. Lucille married four times: Virgil Robert Booth, Bootz Mercer, Solon Bell Wood, Junious (Jay) Augustus Danner.

42. Sarah Lucille Rogers, b. July 24, 1915 in Lula, OK; d. May 25, 1975 in Cypress, CA. Lucille married four times: Virgil Robert Booth, Bootz Mercer, Solon Bell Wood, Junious (Jay) Augustus Danner.  Lucille and Virgil Booth (b. 1914 d. 1982) married November 12, 1930. 

 Lucille and Virgil  had the following child:

49. i. Bobbe Jean Booth (see #50 below)

Lucille and Junius Danner (b. 1901 d. 1987) married July 04, 1938. 
Lucille and Junius had the following children:

50. i. Bobbe Jean (Booth) Danner (was adopted), b. March 14, 1933; m. Ronald Budda, June 7, 1949.
51. ii. Living female Danner

Lucille and Solon Bell Wood (b. 1917 d. 1972) married November 17, 1951.
 Lucille and Solon Bell had the following children:

52. iii. Living female Wood
53. iv. Living female Wood


Note: There are two, and in some cases, three generations after this one, but I would like to have permission before putting information about anyone on here who is living - and almost all of these generations are still living; so I am putting it up "as-is" and will make changes as soon as I receive updated information from family members. 

Thank you for understanding.

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