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The map below is the map of Alaska superimposed over the map of the lower 48 states of the US.  As you can see, Alaska makes the great state of Texas appear much smaller.

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  Hey!  Did you know Alaska has no skunks or snakes??? 


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The polar bear is one of Alaska's population of animals unique to this state, of all the U.S.


Alaska's population of 606,000 makes it the third least populous state.
The state also boasts the lowest population density in the nation. There is 1.0 person per square mile (1991) in Alaska, compared to 71.2 people per square mile for the entire U.S.

Alaska's state capital is Juneau,
a southeastern city of 30,000 people.

The state's largest city is Anchorag
a south-central city with a little over 225,000 people.

The second largest city is Fairbanks,
located in the interior of the state, with just over 32,000 people.

Alaska is a geographical marvel:

At 586,400 square miles, Alaska is the U.S.'s largest state, over twice the size of Texas.

North to South, Alaska is 1,400 miles long.

East to West, it is 2,700 miles wide.

The state's coastline extends over 47,000 miles.

The 3.5 million acres of the Alaska State Park System constitutes the largest park system in the US.

The Tongass National Forest is the largest national forest in the United States. It covers almost the whole of Southeast Alaska.

Seventeen of the 20 highest peaks in the U.S. are located in Alaska.

Called Denali by the natives and later named Mt. McKinley, located in Alaska's interior, is the highest point in North America, at 20,320 feet above sea level.


Alaska's Flag:
The state flag was designed by 13-year-old Bennie Benson from Chignik, Alaska, in 1926. The blue field is for the sky and the Forget-Me-Not, the state flower. The North Star is for the future of the state of Alaska, the most northerly of the Union. The dipper is for the Great Bear - symbolizing strength.


Alaska's State Flower, the forget-me-not:
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Alaska's State Song:
The state song is "Alaska's Flag", written by Marie Drake, and set to music by Elinor Dusenbury:

Eight stars of gold on a field of blue,
Alaska's Flag, may it mean to you
The blue of the sea, the evening sky,
The mountain lakes and the flower's nearby,
The gold of the early sourdough dreams,
The precious gold of the hills and streams,
The brilliant stars in the northern sky,
The Bear, the Dipper, and shining high,
The great North star with its steady light.
O'er land and sea a beacon bright,
Alaska's Flag to Alaskans dear,
The simple flag of a last frontier


Alaska's State Sport:
The state sport is dog mushing. Adopted by the Alaska Legislature in 1972, dogsledding once was the primary form of transportation in most of Alaska. Today dog sled racing is a popular winter sport.
You'll notice there are actually three ways to say this sport... dog mushing, dogsledding, and dog sled racing.  They are all correct.

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Alaska's State Bird:
The state bird is the Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus alascensis Swarth). Adopted by the Territorial Legislature in 1955, the Willow Ptarmigan is a small arctic grouse that lives on open tundra in boggy areas.

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Alaska's State Mineral:
The state mineral is gold. This mineral plays a large part in Alaska's history, from its discovery in Juneau in 1880 to the great gold rush at Nome in the first part of this century.
Gold was named the state mineral in 1968.   You can find out more about gold in Alaska on the Gold Prospecting page of this website.

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Exploring the state of Alaska by Regions is part of the state system of websites...

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The region that Fairbanks is located in, is the INTERIOR region, and this site will provide a lot of information, including information to help you plan a visit to the area: Alaska Map


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This photo was taken in the heart of Fairbanks, on the Chena River.  February brings the Yukon Quest dogsled race.  A very popular race of about 1,000 miles from Whitehorse, Yukon Territories, Canada, to the city of Fairbanks.  This photo was taken of a recent race. 

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Alaska!  I will be adding to this from time to time, so check back now and then.


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