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This happens to me frequently, but while searching for something else, I came across a page about our ancestor Hugh Rogers.  Hugh not only fought in the Revolutionary War, he has his own chapter of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)!  This is an old organization of people who can document their entire ancestry back to a soldier in the war.  It's very interesting information and includes a biography of Hugh and his wife Nancy Augusta Thornton.  This DAR chapter erected a new, common tombstone for Hugh and Nancy, and the back of the tombstone lists their TWELVE sons!  What follows is the text of this website - make sure you read the information about how they met.  It is romantic!:

"Revolutionary soldier Hugh Rogers was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1760 to Robert and Frances Russell Rogers.  Robert's father, Samuel, came from County Cork, Ireland in 1758.  Being a shipbuilder by trade, he helped build the ship he sailed on in return for passage to the colonies. 
     Hugh moved with his family to Mecklenburg County, NC about 1774.  His father, Robert, worked in a plant that manufactured gunpowder used by the patriots in the Battle of King's Mountain.  Hugh enlisted as a private, fought in the Battle of King's Mountain and served under Gen. Sumter in the NC Militia (No. 3242).  He met Nancy Thornton on the final day of the battle as she carried water to the soldiers.  She was the daughter of Colonel John Thornton and Jane Washington Thornton. 
      After the revolution, Hugh's father received a land grant in the area now Washington County, TN.  The Rogers family along with the Thornton family moved there, and Hugh and Nancy were married.  Later, Hugh and Nancy moved with the Rogers family to Buncombe County, NC near Bent Creek.  Robert died during this time and was buried near the present entrance to Biltmore Estate. 
     About 1800, Hugh and Nancy moved their family to Fines Creek in Haywood County, NC.  There they raised 12 sons.  Nancy died in 1843 and Hugh in 1848.  They are buried at the Thad Rogers Cemetery located in the Upper Fines Creek Community in Haywood County, NC."

Our direct ancestor, Cyrus, was son number 11, born in 1807

To see the site where this information came from, go to:
On the site you will find a photo of the location where the Hugh and Nancy Rogers home was located.  You can almost feel what it would be like to be seated on the veranda of a large plantation house...

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